Grupo JOAL is a Mexican corporate that began its work as a personal project focused on advice and development of solutions. for technology-based businesses, and over time the constant technological evolution and innovation in different areas of knowledge and technology, It has allowed it to consolidate as a group of companies and expand into new markets.

Within his work, coupled with his work as co-responsible for the social and human development of society and its environment, he has implemented standards and procedures in the development of solutions, as well as has made projects and services available to the community that facilitate the development and promote the growth of individuals and companies, organized according to the orientation and type of resources offered in its different business areas.


Ensure that our actions and developments promote the improvement of individuals and support the growth of and for society, always within a framework of respect, tolerance and support for those around us.

We are certain that to create a better society, we must start from ourselves, which is why we try to ensure that people and companies that collaborate with us share that philosophy of respect; being clear about not endorsing individuals or companies that favor illegal, denigrating, violent, segregational or illegal behaviors or behaviors.


Grupo JOAL began its work in the year 2000 as a personal project, but due to the demand for developments chooses to establish itself as a website development, desktop software programming and business consulting firm.

Five years later, he decides to focus solely on the development of Internet solutions in addition to the creation of websites, to start in 2010 to outsource services and products through business associates.

It is in 2020 when an agreement is made with SBD Corporation, business firm specialized in strategic business management, financing and investment strategies, to create ARTIFEX Technologies, corporation of scientific-technological companies, constituting a portfolio of more than 200 high-end products and services that seek to satisfy an important diversity of marketss.